Sunday, December 18, 2011

Success Lessons From a 9 Year Old

Friday night my 9 year old son crawled into bed with the notebook I use to track my various projects that are in the works. He was intentionally preparing for his town league basketball game the following day. He did this by creating a list of the things his team needs to work harder on and what he specifically was going to focus on during his game. It is said that going to sleep knowing what you will be intentional about the next day increases your chances of succeeding in those goals. He simply took a few moments before bed to prepare for the next day.

Saturday night came and he took the same notebook looking to identify 10 strengths of his team. I was impressed. Some of those strengths included work well together and good sportsmanship. At the end of the day reviewing what went well, things to be grateful for or one's strengths are another way to focus on the positive and increase one's chances of success.

At the end of the day....

*Identify goals and what you will be intentional about the following day. This can include a to do list, visualizations, or even some action items to make the next day more successful.
*Identify what went well, particular strengths of the day or even things to be grateful for. If it was a particularly difficult day, all the more reason to find the positive. Going to sleep with positive images will increase the chances that tomorrow will be a better day.

How can you incorporate one or both of these activities into you bedtime routine?

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